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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Let Allah do the rest .

Hye guys . Sorry for not updating blog for quite a long time . Was busy with studies . Ppfftt , life has been so busy . Oh what kind of life that I have ? Like Prime Minister ? Hahaha . Yes , Im struggling on the assignments . But still , life is getting better . Alhamdulillah . I'm still me . Maybe busier lil bit . But, it's fine . Im getting used to it . Anyway , Alhamdulillah . I'm officially 19 . yes .I'm still young lady . But . The older i get , I need to grow up and think wiser . Learn more . Try to fix myself into a much better person . Because , lagi semakin bertambah usia , lagi dekat dengan kematian sebenarnya . Ya Allah , Thank you for give me another chance to breath and give me another day for ibadat . I feel so much blessed . Alhamdulillah .

Alright . Stop there , sebab hari ni aku nak share something . Hmm . Nampak tak title tuu . " LET ALLAH DO THE REST "  ? Ekceli , ada banyak perkara yang boleh kite relate kan dengan title tuu .Anyway , I feel like going to share or to be exact , sharing my new feeling . Ehemm . I'm going to talk about love . Uhmmm , how's that ? How's cool that feeling ? * angkat kening * . Everything I'm going to share are just something based on experience of myself , friends and people around me . Cool yaww  cool .  

FIRST QUESTION : Why do people talk about love ?

OTHER PEOPLE : Minority would say , they just feel like talking about it .
                                 Majority would say , They are in love .

MYSELF : I've been in love . I've been dumped . My heart have been played with someone . I've seen people who got stupid because of puppy love , I was stupid , last but not least , maybe I just realize what true love really is . Yes . I'm in love with someone right now . But , I always believe in Allah's plan . He can give me a lot of test in my relationship . So , I've made decision to stop for a while with this feeling . Honestly , It's too hard for me to do this thing . I want to protect this ' love ' . I want to protect the sweetness , because I really love him . I've read many article and blog about ' bercinta selepas kahwin is more barakhah and awesome ' , so why not I try it , right ? Allah have create a good and sweet love story for me . I always believe with His plan . Because , He is the best planner . I know , there will be long way to go but all these , it makes me learn better . I learn , I can think better . With Allah and family 's blessing , I'm pretty sure I can get my own happiness . Yes . Allah knows what I do for me and others . Allah knows .

Sometimes , aku ada jugak tanya diri sendiri . Salah ke aku nak ada perasaan yang bukan aku reka or cipta . Perasaan yang aku tak pernah minta nak datang  ataupun paksa datang ? Perasaan yang tak pernah berubah sikit pun , even macam-macam dugaan aku dapat . Tapi , lama-lama aku terfikir . Sampai bila aku nak rasa perasaan yang aku tak tahu kesudahannya kan ? Aku nak perasaan tuu , diikat dengan satu ikatan yang halal . Yes . To be honest , perasaan tuu selalu membuak-buak dalam diam . But , Alhamdulillah . We were 2565.80 miles apart . Aku happy dengan jarak ni sebab , ia tak buat aku terlalu leka dengan perasaan sendiri . Aku dengan dia pun jarang sangat contact . Seminggu sekali . Itu pun sekejap je . 

Sebelum aku ada rasa macam ni , seriously I feel very down . I feel like my life is not complete without him . Hurmm . Ada satu hari tu , aku tetibe teringat macam mana we all kenal . Yes . Kami kenal dalam keadaan saling tak pernah bersua muka . And dalam keadaam saling tidak mengenali , sampai perasaan tuu datang without we all never noticed it . But , now . When I'm learn why Allah give us space and give us test like this . Sebab Allah nak aku kembali pada Dia . Kembali pada fitrah . Alhamdulillah . Oleh itu , aku sangatlah mengerti kenapa ada jarak antara aku dengan dia . So , let Allah do the rest . Let Allah take care of our feeling . So , biarlah aku jarakkan dahulu hubungan aku dan dia . Sebab , aku sangat yakin dengan rencana yang telah tertulis di Luh Mahfuz untuk aku . Aku yakin , jika tertulis jodoh untuk kami , sejauh mana aku dan dia berlari menjauh , kami akan dipertemukan jua di garisan takdir antara kami nanti .

Yes . Aku semakin mengerti , ' JARAK ' ini bukan untuk menghukum aku dan dia . Tetapi , 'JARAK' ini untuk menjaga aku dan dia . Dengan ' JARAK' ini , aku yakin andai tiba masanya nanti , aku dan dia akan lebih bersedia untuk kembali melayari semua ini dengan jalan yang diredhai . Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana memberi peluang kepadaku melalui jalan-Mu ini . Terima kasih kerana memberi JARAK ini kepada aku dan dia . Have faith in Allah . He knows what I've done . He knows what I've sacrificed and love is need sacrifice 

" Ketahuilah hanya dengan mengingati Allah , hati akan menjadi tenang " - ( Ar-Ra'd 13:28 )

P/s :- Dear superman Jeea , I love you because of Allah and I hope Allah will make it last for ever . I believe , only Allah's plan can be like fairytale to us . It seems impossible and unreal , but it happens anyway . Maybe , More wonderful . I'll not to be there with you 24/7 , but by His will , I promise to always suppport you and keep you in my du'a . May Allah keep us on track . Keep praying and believe in Allah plan . May Allah bless us . :)

Thank You sebab sudi baca entry saya yang tak seberape ni.Kalau nak like dipersilakan

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